Hiking & Walking Trails

Hikers can explore the natural beauty and resources of Buckhorn Lake with a stroll along a 1.5 mile, self-guiding, easy walking trail. And the opportunities for mountain hiking are limitless

Buckhorn State ParkAt the present time, Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park offers two trails for your hiking enjoyment. The trailhead to both trails is located across from the Conference Center, adjacent to the park road.

To get to the more strenuous trail, take the left-hand fork where the two trails meet. The trail will ascend up the hill, level out, and then descend the hill. It will finish at the same location where it began. The ascent up the hill has several steps and should be considered strenuous.

A nice overlook of the lake is the reward for those who make this climb. Moonshine Trail 1 mileā€”is a self-guided interpretive trail for which a brochure is provided at the front desk. The pamphlet describes a variety of plant life and natural land features of eastern Kentucky. To get to the trail, take the right-hand fork where the two trails meet. By taking this trail, one will finish behind the park office. Although the trail is one mile in length, it should be remembered that one must walk back to the lodge along the park road for a distance of about .5 mile.

Other Hiking Trails

An Interpretative Hiking Trail is available at Buckhorn Lake Dam site. A Hiking Trail is available at Tailwater Recreation Area. For more information about these areas, please contact:
Buckhorn Lake
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
804 Buckhorn Dam Road
Buckhorn, KY 41721-8808
Phone: (606) 398-7251

Historic Walking Tour

Pathfinders teamed up with a class of 7th-8th grade social studies students from A.B. Combs Elementary, to develop a walking tour. They interviewed residents about the history of downtown Hazard and met with Martha Quigley, Perry County Museum Director, to look at archives and artifacts available at the museum. Brochures were made available at the City Hall, banks and the Hazard Perry County Tourism Board.

Hazard High School Nature Trail

In response to a large amount of flooding, Pathfinders developed a wetland pond adjacent to the outdoor science lab at Hazard High School. Pathfinders also worked with the local Boy Scout Troop to improve the nature trail on the campus of Hazard High School. The trail is adjacent to the school's main building and is accessible by way of a small bridge. The trail winds through hardwood forest, is moderately strenuous and is approximately one mile long.

International Peace Garden

During the fall of 2008 two Girl Scouts, Tyra Lamb and Laure Little, of Girl Scout Troop 316, attended the Pathfinder's board meeting in order to suggest a collaboration to develop a peace garden next to Main Street in downtown Hazard near the North Fork of the Kentucky River. The Pathfinders believed that such a garden would be ideally suited to serve as the central point of interest along the walking and biking path that would be built along the river. Learn more...